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Elsesser said. when there a long term plan, you can make [the roads] safer, he said. the decades, some roads have been improved, and
Cheap jerseys china some haven Typically what they did was add oil, then some tar, but they never went back and added drainage. That why this winter people were asking us to put up double black diamonds on the frost heaves. The report encouraged use of low cost safety measures, such as rumble strips. But simply maintaining roads is difficult enough, Elsesser said, even with $60 million in grants to towns for roads in the state budget. better than we were four years ago, Elsesser said. certainly in a major catch up mode. Since the state lacks regional government, towns have to pick up the tab for road improvements that state grants don cover, he said. still not enough, Elsesser said. our town, the citizens funded a $3 million road bond to try to help catch up, but that will only do some improvements and surface treatments, and only on 17 percent of our roads. order of magnitude is huge, he said. Other

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